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Last updated on December 16th, 2020

We as Beatmakers and Music Producers know the daily struggle when working on beats and productions in your Home Studio or even professional Studio. Searching and working with Samples and Loops in many DAWs can become very frustrating. Specifically, dropping or importing Hip Hop samples from one application into another isn’t always as fluid and easy as it should be. These are exactly the issues Loopcloud attacks. It really makes the process of producing a song with loops and samples faster, easier and more creative then ever.


What is Loopcloud about?

As the name already suggests, Loopcloud is a cloud based loop engine app you can run on Mac or PC. It’s a free application you can download after a quick registration and already includes 1 gigabytes of Hip Hop samples and loops. When signing up you will even receive their free Serato Sample pack with addtional 369 MB of Samples & Loops. Furthermore, their free samples catalogue is continually extending, which even allows you to work on new music and productions if you’re on a budget.
The main Loopcloud application acts as search filter and editor and is the access to this huge world of samples. You can use Loopcloud as standalone app itself, edit and customize your loops and drag & drop them to your computer or into your DAW. On top of that, you can load up the Loopcloud plugin in your DAW like a VST instrument, which then acts as your DAW link to the Loopcloud app and everything will be synched with your project (key, tempo, etc.). If you are using this combination, any sample on your hard drive, in your cloud or even the entire Loopmaster’s catalogue can be played along with the beat or song you are working on.

Loopcloud Music App from Loopmasters.com

It’s really incredible how easy and quick you can run through a bunch of different ideas with this software. Loopcloud will take you to completely different paths and ideas you haven’t considered. Especially, if you’re lacking ideas and facing beat block, Loopcloud is big on giving you answers to inspire your creativity.


How it works

In the Loopcloud video tutorial below, you’ll be shown the main areas within the application. This will help you to get set up and running with Loopcloud quickly. It will explain the user interface, how you can search for loops and audition results, how to edit and customize the loops and samples with Loopcloud’s own effects engine and how to sync your DAW to Loopcloud. Importing loops into the timeline of your DAW can be simply done by using drag and drop.

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Loopcloud comes with a free plan and a number of subscription models. The free version gets you up and running with the software. Additionally, you’ll get a huge Loopcloud Welcome Pack with 1 GB of Loops and five free sounds a day. There are three more subscription models: Artist (£5.99/month); Studio (£9.99) and Professional (£17.99). The higher your subscription plan, the more free samples per day & cloud storage you get (50 + 250 GB for Professional). With each deal you can also spend a certain number of points on Loopmaster’s samples within Loopcloud per month (between 100 for Artist and 600 for Pro). One up to four points will get you a single sample. 60 to over a 1000 points will get you the whole sample pack that it originates from.
If you want to enjoy all features of Loopcloud – the multi-track recording, instruments and effects suite, you need to subscribe to a paid plan. However, the free option already gives you the Loopcloud experience of mixing-and-matching samples, so you should give it a try!

Register for Free Samples and Loops at Loopmasters.com

Summary & Conclusion

Loopcloud has come a long way and the current version is a massive step up from the first basic sample-management app. Furthermore, there aren’t many pro audio applications that receive updates and revisions as frequently as Loopcloud. The app keeps growing and improving quickly and is being developed by creative people who are passionate about making music. As mentioned above, the free version already is super powerful on it’s own with plenty of loops available to experience the possibilites of the Loopcloud app. With the Loopcloud multi-track feature and new effects rack, it definitely has become capable of creating complete productions without any DAW. Below, we included a list of the key features of the Loopcloud application.

  • Sample manager/creative audio editor
  • Loopcloud samples are royalty free
  • Audition your own and Loopmasters samples in time and key with your song
  • Creative Loop Editor allows new sample, sequence and arp creation
  • Access millions of Loopmaster samples
  • New effects rack with reverb, pan, delay, filter and pitch effects
  • Connect to all popular DAWs with the Loopcloud plugin acting as a monitoring application
  • 8-track audio multi-tracker
  • Drum and Play instruments
  • Free or subscription model: Artist (£5.99/month); Studio (£9.99/month) and Professional (£17.99/month
  • Credit points will not expire and rollover as long as your subscription is active

Loopcloud Music App from Loopmasters.com

While Loopmasters doesn’t claim it peaks into DAW territory, it quite definitely can produce a few good tracks with ease. Furthermore, it works perfectly in tune with any modern and popluar DAW and will do wonders to your productions. If you’re looking to use Hip Hop Samples in your beats and this has sparked your interest, you should give it a try. Visit Loopcloud to download the free application and start experimenting with it for yourself in your studio.


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