What is the best platform to sell Beats online?

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Last updated on August 4th, 2022

What is the best platform selling my beats online? Probably every music producer asks himself this important question at some point. You have been perfecting your craft for some time and your beats have gotten much better. Now is the time to start selling your beats to artists and to receive the rewards for your hard work. But what is the best way doing it? There are plenty of different websites and platforms out there you can use to sell your beats. So what site or platform should you choose? In our opinion Airbit (formerly MyFlashStore) is the best way to do it! Thus, let us explain why.

First of all, our producers have tried different platforms out there and once we found Airbit we’ll never go back. It’s arguably the best site to sell beats online because they offer you a complete beat selling website you can set up in just a few minutes! Hence, this means no additional costs for website hosting, graphic designers or more! You can use the complete Infinity Store including your full beat catalogue, sound kits, licenses & more as your website and have everything in one place. However, if you already have a website you can also only embed the beat player and store on your website.
Furthermore, Airbit already is an established marketplace for any beatmaker to sell their beats, as well as artists looking to buy beats. This is simply great, whether you are just starting out or you’re already a more experienced producer. You will benefit from this as you can start selling your beats right away as you are able to reach out to more listeners and potential new customers! Airbit offers free account plans so you can test their service to see if it works out for you. Then at some point later, you can upgrade to a paid plan which gives you many more selling options. Starting out to sell beats online never has been easier!

Let us quickly show you a few of the most important features and advantages of Airbit.

Airbit Infinity Music Store and Full Website
One of the great things about the Airbit Infinity Stores is how versatile they are. For instance, if you want to use the store as your website you can have everything in one place… This includes your full beat catalogue, featured beats, sound kits, licenses and even more. If you are just starting out to sell beats online you don’t need to create your own website to have a beat store. Simply create a custom short link that directly sends your customers to your store. However, if you already have your own website you can also embed your personal Airbit beat store on your site or on Facebook, inside emails, or any place you can think of. The powerful HTML5 beat stores are compatible across all devices. They are also fully responsive meaning they’ll look great on mobile, tablet and desktop and your customers will get the best experience possible. Improve your customer experience, and you’ll sell more beats. Simple as that.

Airbit Dashboard

Custom Licenses and Contracts
You are able to create up to 5 different custom licenses and contracts. These contracts will be automatically signed with an electronic signature by your customers, including a time stamp and their ip address upon purchase. This is a powerful tool to fight online fraud which has become a severe problem nowadays. We haven’t seen any other beat-selling websites in the past that offer this option, so this is a huge plus.

Pay 0% Commission
Airbit offers 100% commission-free sales for all of your Beats, even with a free account. Every competitor we have checked takes 20-30% of your sales off the top. With Airbit you can keep 100% of your music sales, always.

Sell Beats Online

Discounts & Coupons
With Airbit you can easily adjust the prices of a single beat or even all your beats at once in just a few clicks. Furthermore, you can create custom coupon codes for your clients, such as get 40% OFF all beats with the promo code ‘CODE40’, or bulk discounts like ‘Buy 1 – Get 1 Free’, within minutes. Just about any type of sale or discount you can think of is easily possible.

Customized Shopping Carts
This is a very powerful feature that allows you to create customized shopping carts for your clients, even with included discounts. Add beats to your shopping cart, apply a discount and generate a custom link that sends your customer directly to the checkout (e.g.: https://air.bi/ninE3). This feature has proven to be a great tool to sell beats online to your customers by e-mail or through social media quickly and easily!

Collaborations is what we all do and love and Airbit makes it easy to distribute earnings between you and your collaborators. Upload your beats, set your Co-Producers revenue splits and they will calculate payments automatically once your beats are sold.

Sales Tracking
Airbit offers a dashboard allowing you to easily keep track of all your sales, customer info, plays and more. It tells you where your plays are coming from and it shows you which beats are most popular. It keeps your sales history on file and allows you to easily monitor your growth. Their dashboard helps getting to know your client’s taste and how you can be more effective with sales and marketing.

Airbit Dashboard

Automated Voice Tags
Another great feature are automatically added voice tags to any of your beats you upload for sale. You can also get a custom voice tag or use your own as well. This is a great and easy way to protect your beats from getting jacked!

Mailing List and Social Integrations
Airbit integrates with all well-known services such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Mailchimp, AWeber and more. Connect your social accounts to share your beats automatically after upload and offer free downloads in exchange for social follows. Integrate mailing lists to automatically subscribe your customers after a sale and connect analytics to track sales and ad conversions.

Sell Sound Kits
If you are a music producer who is creating his own Drum Kits, Preset Banks or Construction Kits, you can sell all of them in your Beat Store! This is a great way to make an additional income next to selling your beats.

Subscription Rewards
If you sign up for the Platinum Producer monthly plan, you are even receiving ‘Platinium rewards’. These include a variety of discount codes that allow you to shop at e.g. Image Line for a huge discount, Free Producer Sound Kits and even more!

We could go on and on about the features we like but we are sure you now see why Airbit is so crucial to online beat selling. Moreover, thousands of producers wouldn’t be able to make a living off making music without Airbit and it would cost thousands of dollars to built something like this. There’s a reason many of the top beat sellers in the world making 6 figures or more are using Airbit too. Check out their website and if you are liking it you can create your own Airbit Beat Store here.


This post may contain affiliate links, however, at no cost to you. We are using Airbit as beat selling platform ourselves.

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