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Reward Points Program

What are Reward Points?

Reward Points are points that you will receive as a reward from Beats24-7 upon purchasing products on our site. You can then use these points in future orders to get a discount. In order to receive this points you need to register an account on our site.

How can I get these Reward Points?

You will receive 1 point for every dollar spent in your purchases. For example, if you made an order for 5 Kits worth $50, you would get 50 Reward Points (1 Point = 1 Dollar). It doesn’t matter which product you purchase, if it’s a Preset Bank, a Drum Kit or even a Beat Instrumental, you will always receive your points. It is shown next to the product how many points you can earn with your purchase. You will also receive 50 free Reward Points worth $5 for signing up on our website as a welcome gift.

How can I spend my earned points?

When you view your cart after adding your products you will see how many Reward Points you can apply towards that order and the discount you can get on your purchase.

Simply click the ‘Apply Discount’ button. You can choose how many points you would like to use and save up your points for later as they will never expire. You can get up to 90% discount on any order.

How can I check how many Reward Reward Points I have earned and keep track?

You can check the Reward Points section in the dashboard of your user account on Beats24-7. There you can see how many reward points you’ve already earned with your purchases, bonus points you have received for contests, etc., how many points you’ve spent for discounts and so on.

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