How to rank your video on YouTube?

How to rank your video on youtube

Last updated on August 10th, 2023

YouTube is a free and great option to market your music and to get access to a broad worldwide audience and new customers. However, there are some obstacles that have to be overcome as it’s a widely used platform with millions of users uploading their content. Therefore, it isn’t easy to drive traffic to your videos and get discovered by your target audience so you can build a decent followship.
Are you a music producer or beatmaker and having trouble to rank your beat videos on YouTube and get traffic? No worries, you are not the only one – we all know the daily struggle when it comes to marketing as a musician. That’s why we are here for you! Next to some great FREE SEO optimization tips we will share with you in the following post, we also offer a SEO service to rank your beat videos AT THE TOP of the search lists for any given keyword. You can find out more about our YouTube Boost service here.

How to rank your video on Youtube – SEO Optimization Tips

The SEO optimization tips we freely share with you here can help to improve your ranking in the YouTube search. This can increase your view numbers and the overall watch time of your videos which will help you to build your audience and get more customers. Stick to these tips for every video upload and you’ll see an improvement for your YouTube analytics down the road!

Video Titles
Choose video titles that are unique as possible but also include keywords that have a high enough search volume. For example, instead of “Drake Type Beat” use “Drake Type Beat Instrumental 2023”. This keyword has less competition but still enough search volume. Waive the use of special characters such as (), * or others in your title as they’ll likely decrease your SEO score. You can check the search volume and competition of your keyword with several tools available online such as Google Keyword Planner & more. These offer search results for free, however are often very limited.

A better alternative with many helpful features powered by AI is TubeBuddy. This app was specifically designed for YouTube and shows you even more helpful data. It helps all creators to better optimize and rank their videos on YouTube. The free version of this browser extension already offers a great variety of features helpful for every creator.

YouTube - TubeBuddy

Furthermore, use the exact video title in the first line of your video description and also include the keyword as one of your video tags. Make sure to include variations as keywords such as Drake Type Beat, Free Drake Type Beat, Drake Type Beat Free, and even more unique and longer keywords such as Free Drake Type Beat Instrumental 2023.

Video thumbnails
You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression! You’ve probably heard about this quote before. That’s why you have to choose your thumbnails and images wisely! The thumbnail is one of the most, if not the most important thing, when potential viewers scroll the search list. Create thumbnails that are special and stick out from the rest. Ideally, they should be unique for your channel and people who see them should immediately recognize them as your thumbnails (if you have a decent viewership already).
As YouTube subscriptions get less and less valued it’s important that your thumbnails stick out and appeal to new viewers.

Video Time Stamps
Use time stamps in your beat videos for your listeners so it’s easier for them to see the structure of your beat. Include time stamps such as “Intro”, “Verse”, “Bridge”, “Hook”, etc.. Listeners will appreciate this help and have an easier way to understand the structure of your beat. This will also improve the SEO score of your video.

YouTube Video Time Stamps

Build deeper connections with your listeners & fans
Interact with your listeners and fans and reply to comments to build deeper connections. Also acknowledge fan comments you appreciate by selecting the heart icon next to it. Besides, more comments and likes on your video(s) are favored by the YouTube algorithm and helps your video in ranking. YouTube will then also recommend your video(s) to other viewers.

Cards & Annotations
Use cards and annotations in your videos that are related to your beat and attract listeners to click on them. This way they will watch even more of your videos and listen to more of your released music. The more time they spend on your channel and videos the better!

Social Sharing
Share your videos on different social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram every time you upload a new video. Drive all your traffic to your latest videos to get as many views as possible and keep your fanbase updated! The YouTube community tab is also often undervalued. Share your latest updates and uploads on your communnity tab so your subscribers and even non-subscribers don’t miss anything on your channel.

Channel optimization
Structure your YouTube channel to make it easy for your visitors to check out your music. Create playlists for your beat videos so they can easily navigate your channel and find the music they’re looking for. Keep them engaged and on your channel! Watching your playlists also dramatically increases your watch time which also benefits your channel’s SEO ranking. This can lead to YouTube recommending your videos to new listeners and potential customers. Create a snowball effect!

Upload schedule
Stick to an upload schedule! Choose your upload times wisely. Depending on how often you are planning to upload new beats and videos create an upload schedule for your channel and stick to it forever… It’s not a good idea to randomly upload videos. Moreover, don’t upload everything you created at once and then nothing at all for days or weeks… Take your time and build a routine… Let’s say you want to upload 3 beat videos a week. Upload on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and then stick to this schedule. YouTube and its’ algorithm likes nothing more than regularly uploaded content.
Tell your fans and followers about your upload schedule so they keep looking for new videos on your channel on these dates. Furthermore, check your YouTube analytics section to find out when’s the best day time for you to upload new videos and when you have the most views and traffic.

All these free SEO optimization tips will help you to rank your videos on YouTube. You will reach higher spots in the YouTube search lists and gain more fans, new subscribers and potential customers!

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